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A branch of medicine that provide in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It also specialize medical oncology (the use of chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and other drugs to treat cancer), radiation oncology (the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer), and surgical oncology (the use of surgery and other procedures to treat cancer).


Hematology is the branch of blood and blood disorders. Hematologists are highly trained healthcare providers who specialize in diseases of the blood and blood components. These include blood and bone marrow cells. Hematological tests can help diagnose anemia, infection, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, and leukemia.

Care Expertise

Head And Neck Cancers

Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment

Genitourinary Cancers

Thoracic & Breast Cancer

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant


Immunotherapy to Leukemia

Myeloma, Thalassemia & Anemia

Treatments in Oncology & Hematology

Radical Resection Of Ovarian & Uterine Cancers

Limb Salvage Surgeries With Mega-prosthesis

Expertise in Diagnosis & Staging Cancer

Whipple Surgery For Pancreatic Malignancy

Breast Reconstruction

Bladder Cancer Resection Surgery

Radical Surgeries

Wide Excision Laryngectomies

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MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh(Surgical Oncology)

Dr. Ashok Kumar Rajoriya


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