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Neonatology is a fast developing and highly specialized branch which deals with not only the normal babies but also premature babies (babies born before 37 seven weeks of pregnancy) with less than 2.5 KG . We have well-equipped and established ‘Neonatology’ unit this specializes in Neonatal Ventilation and management of extremely low birth weight babies.


Department of Pediatrics of our Hospitals is a Premier Tertiary level department since it takes care of both preventive and curative aspects of children’s health. The Department extends round- the- clock services with in- house pediatricians and is backed by a team of highly qualified consultants in both medical and surgical subspecialties.

Care Expertise

General Pediatrics

Advanced PICU & NICU


Neurology Pediatrics

All routine and special vaccination

24 Hour Medical Care

Treatments in
Pediatric & Neonatology

Pediatric vaccination

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Nutrition

pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Nephrology

Respiratory Diseases

Infectious DIseases

Hematology & Oncology

Growth & Development monitoring

Pediatric Gastroenterology & Liver Disease

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Dr. Vijay Gupta

MBBS MD, DM. , Pediatrics and Neonatology

Dr. Malvika

MBBS, DNB, Pediatrics and Neonatology

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