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Nephrology comes under all kidney problems. Our  specialised team of nephrologists, kidney transplant surgeons, Interventional Nephrology Radiologist and urologists work together to diagnose and provide  and all the  gamut of kidney-related conditions in the great possible way. In the consultant of unique kidney conditions which may require a kidney transplant our doctors always ready for every situation.

Transplant Medicine

You will need to take a more amounts of  medicines after a transplant. These medicines will help to treat your transplant the best chance of win, but they may create side effects.

So it is very important that you take your medicines exactly as your kidney transplant expert has prescribed them. General medicine for Kidney Transplant are Immunosuppressants,  Antibiotic and antiviral medicines, Medicines for blood sugar levels etc. 

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Kidney Transplant

Clinical Nephrology

Nephrotic Syndrome

Post Partum Kidney Failure

Liver and Heart Diseases affecting Kidney

Autoimmune kidney Diseases

in Nephrology

Dialysis Permcath Insertion

Nephrology Critical Care


Transplant Medicine

Combined Liver & Kidney Transplant

Kidney & Renal Biopsy

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Dr. Jitendra Rajput

MD, DNB (Nephrology)

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